The Better Your Defense, the More Secure You Are

With sophisticated cyber criminals on the rise, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked. It’s a question of when.

Testing your systems is part of being prepared.

Open Security takes a different approach to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. We’re open and transparent with you about your vulnerabilities and risks. And we’ll show you exactly how to secure your most critical assets — all in plain English so it’s easy to understand and implement.

Our Expertise Is Unmatched

Since 2014, we’ve been helping companies like yours to assess their security posture through advanced testing, develop robust security measures, and minimize their cyber risk exposure.

Our elite team of cybersecurity experts bring years of experience in advanced military cyber warfare and training from all around the world.

We know exactly how criminals attack networks and we give you the strategies to keep your digital assets secure.


We've guided businesses across a wide range of industries through the complicated landscape of cybersecurity.

We’ll help you stay ahead of cyber attacks and present everything you need to keep your most critical digital assets secure.

Our Promise

We bring our military cyber warfare expertise to every client engagement with open-mindedness, strategic guidance, and transparency. 

Our Vision

Decoding cybersecurity for all

Core Values

We make cybersecurity more accessible by:
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